12V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries, Pack of 4 (48V)

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12v Golf Cart Batteries Lithium, Pack of 4 (48V)

Looking to upgrade your lead acid wet-cell batteries to new and improved lithium ion batteries? This 4-pack of 12V Allied Lithium Batteries are drop-in ready, and the conversion is easy! You can reuse your existing battery cables, and the dimensions of these lithium batteries are the same dimensions as the standard lead acid batteries.

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Why upgrade, you ask? Well, you’ll never have to worry about watering your batteries again. Plus, there’s no acid and no corrosion! They also weigh about 1/4 the weight of your typical lead acid battery, which would reduce the weight of your cart by almost 300 lbs! Lithium batteries only lose about 5-10% of battery life when left in storage, compared to 30% lost with lead acid batteries. And, they take much less time to fully charge up than lead acid (2-3 hours compared to 10-12 hours).

      • 100Ah Battery: (4x12V, 4800Wh) – 60+ miles (Extended Use)

5 reviews for 12V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries, Pack of 4 (48V)

  1. Steve

    This battery does exactly what I wanted – powering a microwave relay for our very remote Internet. Used with a solar panel. But what I think is most important to know about this company is how amazing the customer service is. Had a problem which ultimately had nothing to do with the battery (though I thought it did) and they reached out to me to fix things. Thanks to geekshoppers they are the best

  2. Scott

    I’m so glad I did! This battery pushes me all day and still has a full charge at the end of the day! My competitors are even impressed with this

  3. Jkm

    I’ve tested the capacity and came up at 650W-hr at 0.5C discharge rate, so was very happy about that. I use this battery to run about 100W worth of appliances (lights and an air purifier) through a 300W inverter (separate purchase) when PGE cuts power in CA and I get 6 to 7 hours of power out of it. I love that this is lithium-based and can be entirely discharged without much effect on its capacity. Great deal.

  4. Richard

    I’m very impressed with them. They keep the refrigerator running 24/7 and allow me to turn on my inverter that charges my dewalt 20v batteries that I use everyday.

  5. Norcal

    So far so good. The battery arrived earlier than promised in good condition and was well packaged.

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