Geekshoppers is known across the globe as the source for the most beautiful things on earth. Covered by both international and national press, journalists often turn to Geekshoppers’ experts for news on the latest trends in home décor, interior design, Electronics, Luxury Watches, vintage fashion and Investment jewelry.

Geekshoppers Offers Flexible Payment Terms and Accepts Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Geekshoppers is incorporated in Gibraltar, but its main office is located in Brooklyn New York, United States, as is its warehouse, where the company keeps stock of a limited number of immediately available products. Buyers can purchase these products and pay on the spot, however, for pre-ordered products they will need to pay in advance. Regarding payment terms, Geekshoppers can be flexible as long as it can find a reliable payout structure with the buyer. It provides them also with the option of down payments, which is dependent on the product and usually ranges between 10%-30%.

Geekshoppers’ customers come mostly from USA and the European Union, but as the company’s reputation expands, it attracts interest from customers in Japan and the UAE. Geekshoppers has a high rate of returning customers which, according to the company’s representatives, is due to the positive customer reviews the company receives in online.